4-Pack: Spin Master and Bicycle Party Games

  • A whole bunch of fun games to play with your friends
  • Your GROWN-UP friends
  • Don’t play these with kids
  • How do these celebrate Lord of the Rings or Monty Python: They don’t, so for that, you’ll want to check out Mediocritee
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A Simpler Game System

Merry Christmas, everyone! We now return to the Hallmehrk original movie, A Royal Northern Christmas, currently in progress.

They sat in front of the fire in the Inn’s common room, while outside a terrible but super cozy blizzard raged.

Nicholas opened the box of Spin Master and Bicycle Party Games. “Which of the games shall we play?” he asked Clarissa, charmingly and in a very Northern, Christmas-y accent. “There’s ‘It’s Blunderful,’ which asks players to respond to a variety of silly situations. And then there’s ‘Dirty Dough’ which involves clue cards and molding dough. Then there’s the adult version of M.A.S.H. And then there’s one called ‘The Spicy Truth.’”

“Oh no, not that last one,” Clarissa said, in her accent that sounded very British, but was technically the dialect of Cordoviana, the small European country from which she hailed, that was pretty much exactly like England.

“Why not?” Nicholas said, romantically, leaning in.

“Because,” Clarissa said, guiltily, “there’s a spicy truth I’ve been terrified to tell you. You see, I’m not just a blogger. I’m actually the princess of Cordoviana.”

“Well, one truth deserves another,” said Nicholas, breathlessly. “You know how I said I’m from up north. Well, I mean way up north. As in the North Pole. And my first name isn’t Nicholas. It’s Saint. Nicholas is my last name.”

“You mean you’re Saint Nicholas?” said Clarissa, astoundedly.

“Yes,” said Saint Nicholas, truthfully, and leaning-in-for-a-kissedly.

“And there’s something I need to say,” said the Meh copywriter. “These card games are adult party games, and they’re not suitable for children.”

“Yeah, we know,” said Saint Nicholas and Clarissa in unison.

“Okay, cool,” said the Meh copywriter. “Just wanted to get that out there to cover our bases. Anyway, don’t mind me. Go ahead and make out or whatever.”

And that’s just what princess Clarissa and Saint Nicholas did: make out, but in a Christmas way!

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