4-Pack: Hempvana Maximum Strength Odor Free Pain Relief Cream

  • Four jars of hemp-powered pain relief
  • Maybe the relief isn’t that hemp-powered?
  • It makes pain less painful either way
  • Model: 420-GL4Z3-1T
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Settle Down, Everyone

Okay, let’s get something out of the way.

Yes, against our better judgement, we sometimes read the comments.

And the last time we offered this stuff, some of ya’ll lost your damn minds arguing back and forth about the efficacy, ethics, ethos, and edibility of hemp. We heard about the nuances of counterculture agriculture and the anatomical peculiarities of pain relief absorption.

InsufferablePreMedXoXo, we admire your enthusiasm and fear your academic rigor. BongMaster69, we love you also, but ease up a little.

But mostly, please trust that we don’t want to be called a bunch of hemp peddling retail pansies again. Our moms read this.

So listen. Yes, this has hemp. No, that doesn’t mean we need to have a holy war about it. A brief cruise through the unrivaled medical discourse that is the Amazon comments section reveals something simple: people really like this stuff and it seems to make them feel better.

Does this need to be a referendum on hemp as a textile, a health aid, or a way of life? It does not. Can it just be some non-smelly pain relief cream that you can score for five bucks a jar? Yes it can.

Maybe this stuff works because of the awesome power of hemp and the rest is filler. Maybe the hemp is just a marketing ploy because we live in a sad world where even pain relief needs a trendy hook. Maybe it’s somewhere in between.

It doesn’t really matter.

People love this stuff, and not just people who can’t shut up about the rhythmic incandescence of Jon Fishman on drums.

If your parts hurt, get some stuff to rub on them. Just don’t fight about it in the comments.

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