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4-Pack: COB LED Magnetic Suction Puck Lights

  • 4 puck shaped lights for illuminating ancient secrets such as, “What’s under there?”
  • They’ve got suctions
  • They’ve got magnets
  • But they can also just… like… sit there and glow
  • Model: DLF4-1005, DLF4-1006, DLF4-1007, DLF4-1008; these are really just an L for a T substitution away from being very accidentally funny
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So Many Pucks To Give

Hello. It’s me, that dark corner in your kitchen.

You know the one, right? At the end of the counter? Where the cupboard’s really low? And just far away enough from the overhead light that I still remain shadowy, even when it’s on? Can you see me? Can you?

Just kidding. That’s a trick question. Of course you can’t see me. I am unseeable. I am a blind spot. An eraser of objects.

Why, you remember when I erased your wallet, don’t you? You’d opted not to make coffee at home that morning. Instead, you decided you’d stop and get a cappuccino, a little treat for yourself, midweek. But then, you couldn’t find where you’d put down your precious leather fold, containing the entirety of your wealth and your identity, and by the time you decided to reach into my maze of darkness, it had taken too long. You’d either have to be late for work or show up under-caffeinated.

And then there was the time that I swallowed up your house keys, hiding them in my folds of murk so deftly that you eventually gave up and went into the office, leaving the back door unlocked so that your entire workday could be clouded with nightmares of burglaries, keeping you from finding any rhythm.

But here’s the truth: I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to be withholding. I don’t want to be a trap for your most valued and essential possessions. I don’t want to be a weird dark corner of your kitchen. I want to be bright. I wand to be a giver. I want to take your wallet and your keys, hold them out to you, and say, “Here, friend! Here are the things you need to go to work and feel safe and secure! Enjoy your day without a doubt concerning the whereabouts of your currency or the state of your locks!”

Which is why I recommend purchasing this 4-pack of puck lights. They can suction to things. They can connect to things magnetically. They can also just sit on a flat surface. Are they super-duper bright? Probably not. But they’ll turn a whirling den of secrets into something you can know.

And that’s good for both of us.

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