36-Pack: Schoolyard Snacks Low Carb Keto BBQ Puffs

  • BBQ-flavored cheese puffs without cheese puff guilt
  • 100 calories per bag, just 1 gram of carbs, 14 whole grams of protein
  • These expire January 31st, 2022, so eat up!
  • Model: 5N4CK-4W4Y
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Still Snackin'

The holidays are over. The ball has dropped. We’re a couple days into 2022. All of which can only mean one thing: 'tis the season for some resolution-related products!

Now, it’s common to resolve to lose a few pounds in the new year, but this just isn’t a good way to frame things. It puts too much emphasis on the scale, and not enough emphasis on making positive changes in your life. After all, if you were to replace each meal with three fun-sized Snickers bars, you’d almost definitely lose weight. But you’d also almost definitely lose your mind, and besides, we’re not sure there are many doctors or nutritionists who would recommend it.

A better resolution would be to make healthier eating choices. Because if you eat good stuff, it doesn’t just positively affect your body; it also positively affects your brain. You have more energy, more clarity, that sort of stuff. And the best way to make healthier eating choices is to cook your own meals and eat things like carrots and celery sticks to tide you over in between.

But, as you’ve probably noticed, we’re not selling a cookware set or a bundle of food storage solutions for packing up veggie snacks today.

This brings us to another important aspect of a good resolution: realism.

Because c’mon, if you’re the kind of person who resolves to eat healthier, you’re probably not going to totally satisfied noshing on a few cauliflower florets between a cup of bone broth for lunch and a salad for dinner. What you need instead are some snacks. Like real, actual, tasty, salty, guilty snacks. Only, you need them to be not so guilty.

That’s where these BBQ Schoolyard Snacks come in. They look like cheese puffs. They taste like cheese puffs. But, unlike cheese puffs, they have just a 100 calories per bag and only a gram of carbs to go along with a whopping 14 grams of protein. That means they give you your cheese puff fix without the cheese puff shame.

Oh, and we should mention they say they’re best by January 31st, 2022… which is, you know, the end of the month. And that maybe undercuts some of that health talk, because you have to house 36 bags in a relatively short amount of time (if you choose to live under the constraints of an expiration date society rather than opening your mind, man!), but even then, you can still space them out and avoid overdoing it, we think.

So get some of these Schoolyard Snacks today and start eating healthy without eating boring!

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