36-Pack: ONE Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Crunch Protein Bars

  • Crunchy, peanut-buttery deliciousness
  • Each one packs 12 grams of protein
  • 160 calories per bar and just 1 gram of sugar
  • Best by June 2024, but they’re fine to eat for many months after
  • Potential slogan: “ONE bar: good for snacking, bad for cell service”
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More Than ONE

12. 1. 160. 22,637. 4.4.

What do these numbers have in common? They’re all related to today’s product.

So let’s break them down. The first one? That’s how many grams of protein each of these bars have. The second and third are grams of sugar and calories per bar, respectively. That 4th one, meanwhile, is how many Amazon reviews there are for them (though they extend beyond just this flavor), and the final one shows their rating out of 5.

Pretty good, huh?

Now, the thing is, protein bars–and protein products more generally–are often associated with athletes. You eat one before (or during, or after) a grueling session of pumping iron at the gym, or doing a triathlon, or shot-putting typewriters, or whatever. That’s the perception.

But the truth is, an infusion of protein can serve anyone, whether you’re heading to a spin class, taking a jog, going out for a stroll with your dog, or even sitting down to finally write that book that’s been rattling around your head all these years.

And you know what? If you do plan on eating one of these delicious protein bars and creating a work of literary art, we say, why not let them provide a little bit of inspiration? By which we mean, maybe infuse a bit of protein-related content into your work. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up writing the next great protein novel. You know, something that’ll end up in the pantheon that includes such great volumes as:

  • The Remains of the Whey
  • The Great Gads-pea
  • Forrest Sorghump
  • Nutritional Yeast Of Eden
  • The Seitanic Verses
  • The Baron in The (Poul)trees
  • The Things They Dairy
  • A Million Lentil Pieces
  • The Hemp Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Beaning

Look, these are well-reviewed, low-calorie, low-sugar, protein-packed snack bars. There’s not much more to say, so of course we made some stupid puns.

Anyway, please buy some.

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