2-Pack: Men's Reversible Leather Adjustable Ratcheting Belts + Leather Wallet

  • These belts are reversible, so you get 4 looks in 2 belts
  • Each features black on one side and navy, cognac, or grey on the other
  • The included black wallet is a nice bonus
  • They come long and you cut them down to size
  • Ratcheting means no holes to deal with and easy to adjust!
  • This video is a great overview of how they work
  • How do these celebrate those devilishly hot summer days: they don’t, so you better head over to Mediocritee
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Belts for Dads

To all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day!

Hopefully, by now you’ve already been given your gift–a mug that says “I’d rather be fishing”–so that you can fill it with coffee and quietly sit in your recliner reading the sports page.

Because now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get a real gift: this 2-pack of men’s reversible leather belts, with a bonus leather wallet.

Now, we know belts don’t sound like a super exciting thing to give yourself. But trust us, these belts are actually really cool. Let us explain.

First off, they’re reversible. That means that each 2-pack is basically a 4-pack since you’re getting 2 separate looks with each belt. Which is rad because varying your belt is one of those subtle touches that really elevates your style, and now you can do it without, you know, buying a whole bunch of belts.

Second, they’re the ratcheting kind. I.e. they don’t have holes. You just get it as tight as you want it and then click it into place. That means you don’t have to deal with that annoying scenario where you go on a bit of a diet or overindulge a little and accidentally land yourself in some no man’s land between notches. You know, where one is so tight it feels like you’re cutting off circulation, but when you go down to the next you can’t keep your pants from falling down? So annoying! And not an issue with these.

Third, they come long, and you cut them to the size you want. That means you don’t have to worry about this size coming in this color or what have you. You just buy them, and when they show up, you adjust them to your preferred length.

See? Aren’t these great? So again, dads out there: get yourself some belts.

And when we say, ‘dads’ by the way, we mean the dads of children, of dogs, of cats, whatever. Even if you’re a lonely Georg-von-Trapp-style patriarch to a cadre of adorable air plants, we invite you to buy these belts.

Because they’re cool.

And you’ll like them.

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