3-Pack: Speks Blots Premium Silicone Stress Balls (Slammer, Splotch & Splatter)

  • Get three for the price of one
  • You can squeeze them
  • You can slam them
  • You can squish them
  • You can scrunch them
  • You can just play with them
  • Premium craftsmanship; built to last
  • Are they Mac compatible: yes, these are great to have around when the dude at the Genius Bar is like, “Hmmm, that’s actually not covered by Apple Care”
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How should you deal with stress?

The person who does yoga every day will tell you all you need are some deep breaths to center yourself. The person who has been running 5ks since they were twelve will prescribe LSD: long slow distance. Your stoner friend, meanwhile, will insist all things can be solved with a little bit of indica.

But what if none of those things are your style? Like, what if your preferred way of combatting stress doesn’t involve filling your lungs with anything, fresh air or otherwise? What if you don’t want a cure for your frustrations, but rather, something to take your frustrations out on?

These are that.

They’re cool little stress balls that you can squeeze, slam, squish, and scrunch on days that aren’t going your way. No mindfulness required, no lung capacity or leg strength, and no Taco Bell cravings (at least none caused by the stress balls themselves; no judgment if your cure for stress involves living mas).

And when you’re not stressed, they make great little fidget toys to occupy your hands while your mind races.

Not sold? We bet you will be after you watch the video below! Just, you know, maybe don’t eat those chocolates your stoner friend gave you before you do, or else you might be in for an interesting experience.

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