3-Pack: Rubbermaid LunchBlox Leakproof Large Entree & Sides Set

  • A whole bunch of containers
  • Some big ones for the main part of your lunch
  • Some medium-sized ones for sides
  • Some little ones for the snacks
  • Each set includes two blue ice packs to use however you need
  • Point is, whatever you’re packing, they’ve got you covered
  • Model: 8L0XY-MU51C
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Container Roulette

As people get ready to re-acclimate into society once again, there’s a lot of focus on personal interactions. Just scroll through Youtube or Instagram or Tik Tok, and you’ll see any number of comedy videos about just how awkward it’s going to be socializing with folks at parties, weddings, conferences, or just in the office.

One thing that has gone under-discussed is how the return to normalcy will impact our eating habits.

Maybe you’re a bit of a gourmand and enjoyed the access to your home kitchen and all your tools when it came time to take your lunch break. Or maybe, freed of having to appear like a sane person who does things such as prepare and consume human meals, you’ve fallen into a nice routine of eating spoonfuls of peanut butter and handfuls of shredded cheese at random intervals throughout the day.

Either way, you’re going to have to adjust your routine. It’s back to packing lunches to eat at the office.

Which means it’s back to container roulette. And we’re not just talking about how hard it is to find the right lid for the right Tupperware. We’re talking about making the executive decision: do you shove everything into one container, or do you use separate containers, each one barely filled by a single component?

It’s a harder decision than it sounds like, right? Say you’re bringing a salad. You’ve got to think about how best to pack the greens, the dressing, the baked chicken, the nuts or sunflower seeds or croutons, and the snack you’ll inevitably need when you get hungry at two in the afternoon. You put all that stuff together in one place, and you can look forward to a weird, soggy/slimy chicken-and-pretzel-M&M salad. Separate it out into full-sized containers and you’ve got a duffle bag’s worth of stuff to haul around.

It’s impossible to know what you should do!

Unless, of course, you have a LunchBlox set, featuring a number of different-sized containers allowing for easy transport. In that case, it’s not impossible at all, and you can put your mental energy towards preparing for another tough transition. Like going from your home bathroom to the office bathroom.

Now, that is gonna be rough.

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