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3-Pack: Freeze Glasses

  • Build your own 3-pack of freezable glasses to keep your drinks cool without watering them down.
  • Fewer ice cubes means more booze in each glass.
  • It will keep your drink cool for more than one half of one whole hour!
  • But you’ll have three of them, so you can keep transferring your drink from one frozen glass to another, thus keeping it cool for more than an hour and a half.
  • Or you could just drink the thing, jeez.
  • Models: FJUC01051,FGMAR2014, and FGMUG2014. That FG stands for ‘fuggin.’ As in, these model numbers are real fuggin’ complicated for just a few fuggin’ cups.
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The Booze You Lose

There are a three types of people in this world:

First, there are the people who drink their cocktails with ice. Their reasoning is simple: something cold is inherently more refreshing than something that isn’t. If you think about it, ice is basically hypnosis for liquids. It takes something that wants to remain room temperature and convinces it to do otherwise. Thus, while it might be a very simple luxury, it is a luxury nonetheless.

Second, there are the people who prefer their cocktails neat. These people will speak to you for hours about nuance, about vanilla notes in their bourbon, about the smokey honey-laced leather taste of their Scotch. They despise ice because, in its quest to cool the beverage, it melts, thus reducing the potency of every flavor and ruining the drink’s balance.

Thirdly, there’s you. You shop on deal-a-day sites. You’re not in this for luxury. You’re not in this for nuance. You want a cold drink, but you don’t want ice. Not because it could water down your margarita. No, you know that ice comes with a cost. It takes up literal cubic inches of space that could otherwise be given over to more booze. The more space the ice occupies, the more refilling you have to do. So it’s costing you not just space but also time. And that’s not even considering the potential social hit you could take if you’re seen making your way to the drink station again and again within a single hour. “Are you okay?” the others at the party might say. “Do you need to lay down?” And all just because it’s taken you three refills to get the equivalent of one small tom collins.

So, ice will not do. Or, I should say, ice cubes won’t do.

But ice built into the glass? Allowing you to maximize temperature and booze volume? That’ll work just great, thank you!

(And don’t forget: there are still chances to play games and win Fukos on the forums every day this week at 10am and 3pm.)

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