3-Pack: Anamalz Bendable Wooden Dinosaur Toys

  • Award winning little toys designed by Australians
  • Hand made out of Maple wood in Japan
  • No batteries, no noise, perfect Waldorf toys
  • You can create videos like this
  • Can it make margaritas: depends on how you define ‘margarita’
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Ask us about the Japanese glue*

Okay, everybody. We need to split you into two groups for this one.

Mildly insufferable parents who buy the expensive snack pouches and know things about the impact of cartoons on brain development, you’re on one side.

Kid-adjacent adults who don’t have children but do occasionally interact with them, over on the other side. We’re looking at you, cool aunts, wacky uncles, and twenty-somethings whose friends keep running off to have babies.

Everybody else…feel free to sit this one out.

Because today’s deal is for some obnoxiously responsible toys. They’re eco-friendly and sustainably made. They use safe dyes and independently-certified Japanese glue. The company goes out of its way to tell you that its wood is legally procured, so you can sleep well at night with no qualms about contributing to a disreputable Maple-wood trade.

So now back to our two groups.

Insufferable parents, this little three-pack of bendable creatures will easily make you the bougiest one at the play date.

Cool childless adults, these suckers are the kind of gift that makes you ON TREND, damn it.

Insufferable parents, today’s deal will help fill that guilt-hole created by the nagging anxieties of letting the kids be on screens too much.

Cool childless adults, enjoy the freedom to be effortlessly judgmental about your parent friends who park their kids in front of screens too much.

Parental peeps, today’s deal doesn’t use batteries and doesn’t make sounds.

Cool and childless, you get to be the ones at the birthday party who didn’t show up with plastic garbage licensed from some TV show that everyone hates.

Parents, you know damn well how expensive toys like this usually are. You’re welcome.

Everybody else, that means people will think you spent way more money on this than you’re actually going to.

Whichever of these groups sound like you (including the third bonus group of “I don’t know about any kids, but a deal’s a deal”), these adorable little toys with the ethical Maple wood are a killer buy right now.

Now let’s get you some posable creatures.

  • Don’t actually ask us about the Japanese glue. We already said everything we know about the Japanese glue.

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