What to do with an abundance of potatoes?


While making my grocery list this week, the Albertson’s app (same chain as Tom Thumb, Safeway, Randalls, Vons, etc) let me know that I could get a 10lb bag of potatoes for free! Woo-hoo! Free food! and a whole 10 lbs of it! So, of course, while grocery shopping I picked up my free 10lb bag of potatoes. The only problem is I’m single and live alone. I’ve already eaten two microwave baked potatoes and roasted a few more to eat later this week (a well as freezing some of the roasted potatoes). But I still have at least seven pounds of potatoes. I’ve been trying to give some potatoes away to friends but there doesn’t seem to be much interest (my dad has this problem when his garden overproduces something. I once came home from a visit with two cucumbers he had stashed in my backpack without me realizing it.) Before I start leaving potatoes randomly in coworkers cubes or tossing them over the fence for my neighbors’ dogs to gnaw on (do dogs like potatoes? My cats are indifferent to them.) does anyone have any suggestions for other simple ways to prepare potatoes for consumption (or anything else to do with them?).

About half of my remaining potatoes - 1oz raisin box for scale…I didn’t have any bananas:
About half of my remaining potatoes - 1oz raisin box for scale...I didn't have any bananas