3-Pack: Unsimply Stitched Men's Dress Socks

  • Seven different packs of three different styles each, all new to us (and probably new to your staid, colorless sock collection)
  • Buy three three-packs and go nine days without having to launder your socks
  • But when you do launder them, turn them inside out first
  • Fits men’s sizes 7-12, which they call “one size fits most” in the rag trade
  • 80% combed cotton, 17% polymide, 3% spandex, 0% bland
  • Model: UNST3PCK, UNSTCOMBO (we’ve wondered before what they would do if they ever wanted to sell a three-pack of something besides socks, and it seems the latter model is their answer)
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Sock of Ages

Hey, Meh writer @JasonToon here. I want to share with you a profound insight I had - well, as profound as I’m capable of getting - as Christmas season approached a few years ago.

This epiphany has served me well, even beyond allowing me to recycle a three-year-old tweet as new content. Growing up means that your favorite gifts are nice, new versions of mundane things you use every day. That probably doesn’t include a Boba Fett action figure.

Maybe that seems obvious to the adults among you. But like many American men born since 1970, I live in a world of arrested childhood. My friends are more likely to have Lego models and Simpsons figurines decorating their homes than, say, framed original screenprints or challenging work by local sculptors. And I earn my daily bread peddling toy copters to my contemporaries.

So now, when I’m buying gifts for grownups, I don’t think about the clothing-based letdowns of Christmases when I was young. I don’t feel the need to add another Batman statuette to my brother’s collection. I look for cozy sweaters, or fancy toiletries, or - indeed - nice socks.

I can’t tell you if these Unsimply Stitched socks are the right ones for the particular adult you have in mind. They’re soft, and loud, and well-made, as easy on the foot as they are sizzling on the eye. All I can say is, the right pair of socks can be as exciting as any Star Wars guy, even Boba Fett.

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