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28-pack: Lucas Alkaline Battery Bundle

  • 8 AA + 8 AAA + 4 9v + 4 C + 4 D = the batteries you get in this bundle.
  • Sorry. We shouldn’t have used so many mathematical symbols there. It can be traumatizing.
  • Anyway… batteries! Woo!
  • Model: LKIT-2. Which means, 2 Le Kits. Because these are French.
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Work For Your Power

A 28 pack of batteries? A bit excessive if you ask me. Now, I know they come in various sizes–such as AA, AAA, 9v, C, and D–but still! 28? Are you kidding me? I mean, I don’t know what I would do with all tho–

Oh, sorry, will you give me just a moment? I like to have the television on while I’m working, and you know how sometimes the commercial is way louder than the program? Well, that just happened, and so now I need to take the batteries out of my Roku remote and transfer them to my TV remote so I can turn it down. Give me just a moment.

Anyway, where were we? Right–I wouldn’t know what to do with all those things! Like, where do you put 28 batteries? I guess I could set them down in a draw–

Oh, sorry, I’m going to need another minute. Have to go to the coat closet and find my earmuffs. Nope, I’m not cold. It’s just that one of the smoke detectors in here started tweeting. And it’s so loud! Just terrible! I’ll be right back, I promise.

Okay, what was I talking about? Oh, yes, the storage issue. It’s like, I guess I could put them in a drawer, but then what if I forget about them and buy more batteries? That’s why I don’t get any. Because I don’t want to make it a hab–

Oh, sorry, one more interruption, I swear. The power just went out, which means I need to take the batteries from my TV remote, put them in my smaller flashlight, then use that to find my megaphone. Once I get my hands on it, I’ll call out to the other members of the household, each of whom have their own megaphones. Following each other’s voices, we’ll come together, and then take the batteries out of our megaphones to put them in the big flashlight which we’ll bring down to the basement to check and make sure there’s not an issue with a breaker. BRB.

All taken care of! Now, what was I saying? Oh, right! Just too many batteries for me! No thanks!

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