24-Pack: ChocZero Keto Milk Chocolate Coconut Double Dipped Roasted Almonds

$1.00 per bag vs $4.33 per bag

  • People love these things on Amazon!
  • A good way to indulge your sweet tooth without screwing up your ketosis
  • Each 3.5oz bag contains ten individually-wrapped pairs of goodness
  • Contains nuts, obvs
  • Best by 10/25-11/3, but remember, a “best by” date is not the same thing as an expiration date
  • Can it make margaritas: No, but a cocktail inspired by these might be delicious!
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They're Good!

Look, with stuff like this–snacks that go out of their way to say they’re Keto-friendly and healthy–there’s really only one question: are they, like, good?

So, we decided to take a look at the [reviews over on Amazon], where they score an impressive 4.5 out of 5 based on over 1,000 user reviews. Here’s what we found.

rhonda says in a review titled “Love Choc Zero!!”:

These taste almost like bite sized almond joys! It’s so great to have found a good sugar free chocolate brand that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners.

That sounds like a good review!

Anna, in a review titled “Great tasting keto chocolate,” says:

Best tasting keto chocolate that I found, it’s creamy and melt in your mouth

That sounds like a good review!

Joy grogan says, in a review titled simply “taste”:

it is very good.

That sounds like a good review!

Angie, who wrote a review titled “nice low-cal treat,” says:

This is the second time I’ve ordered these yummy little treats. They are not too sweet but you still feel like it’s dessert.

That sounds like a good review!

And marekk, who titles their review “Delicious,” says:

These are really good in fact these were so good I couldn’t leave them alone which is not good.

That sounds like a… good review?

In conclusion, the reviews are good. These are some tasty, keto-friendly sweet treats!

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