Face of Fear schtuff


TL, DR: Want to see my short 1890s alter-ego fight Jason Voorhees? Clicky and votey! https://faceofhorror.org/2022/ax-lizzie

Erm. Hey, Mehsters. I entered a haunt character into an online competition, you know, one of those things decided by votes. And I made the first cut and will make the second, and that has me thinking, should I broadcast this to more groups?

Like Mehtizens?

I feel a tad sheepish about this, because it’s a popularity contest, which has little to do with merit, but one part of the prize is a photo shoot with Kane Hodder (Many roles, but best known as Jason) and I am kinda enthralled with the idea of my haunt character, Ax Lizzie (Lizzie Borden reimagined) going up against a century-later monster. I think I am evenly ranked on merit, but on hilarity? Wee frumptress with a hook ax against a 1980s classic is bound to be funny. (I can take him.)


If you want to see the hilarity of a short, somewhat frumpy, middle aged 1890s spinster (possible lesbian, who knows?) going up against an iconic 1980’s monster? Well so do I! And you can vote here: https://faceofhorror.org/2022/ax-lizzie

Please don’t pay* money for votes, I feel that taints the process even more than the whole popularity thing and plus please don’t throw away your money, only 25% goes to their charity.

*If you’re a billionaire? Knock yourself out, I promise we’ll eat you last.

If you want more on the character, she has a FB page. Not very active in recent years (although I will always take ‘Dear Lizzie’ questions!), what with the apocalypse, but getting more so: https://www.facebook.com/AskLizzie