Spooky Goat day ten! SPOOKY MOON!



In honor of yesterday’s full moon, today’s topic is the MOON, but mostly an excuse to post some Kit Williams art.

Kit Williams is a reclusive UK artist known best for his 1979 picture book MASQUERADE, which was a puzzle book that led to a buried treasure, a magnificent 18k gold hare pendant he designed and manufactured. It tells the story of the Moon, having fallen in love with the Sun, entrusting a hare with a gift for him (the pendant). The hare loses the golden pendant somewhere along the way, and each picture contains a variety of clues to where it is. The puzzle was legitimately solved in three years, but unscrupulous people had in the meantime found the hare using information obtained from an ex-girlfriend of Williams’. This was very sad and disappointing, but the work he did in making the book and the pendant is magnificent, strange and eerie.
/image kit williams masquerade
/image kit williams masquerade golden hare.

Here are two moon-specific images from the book:
The opening painting, of the full moon

The seventh painting, of a lunar eclipse

These are both taken from this website, which pretty much tells you anything you want to know about Kit Williams and Masquerade, including a page-by-page description of the clues:

And just to have something spooky, although it has nothing to do with Kit Williams, here’s another creepy Comus song, Diana. It tells the story of the hunter Actaeon, who sees the moon goddess Diana bathing in the woods, and in punishment is turned by her into a stag and killed by his own hounds: