2-Pack: TBI Pro 50ft Heavy Duty Expandable Pocket Hoses with 8-Way Zinc Sprayers

  • These 17-foot hoses? They expand to 50 feet when filled with water!
  • The fabric these hoses are made of? They’re reinforced with four layers of latex, so they won’t burst!
  • The connectors? They’re heavy-duty brass!
  • The two eight-way spray heads and hose hangers? They’re included!
  • Favorite 3-point shooting legend: Spray Allen
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Don't Get Hosed

What are pocket hoses? They’re basically expandable, fabric hoses that are lighter and smaller than traditional garden hoses, allowing for easier storage. Or, to put it differently, they’re hoses where you don’t need those hand-crank things to wind them back up again when you’re done using them. And let’s be real: while better than doing it freehand, those things never work. You get off track or get impatient, and then it’s a big mess.

All of which is enough to make you wonder: why aren’t all hoses pocket hoses?

The simple answer: because a lot of pocket hoses are total garbage. The companies who make them cut corners. They don’t reinforce the fabric well enough so they burst. And they use flimsy aluminum (or sometimes even just plastic) connectors that are bound to fail.

All of which is enough to make you wonder: why would anyone buy a pocket hose?

The simple answer: because there are some that aren’t total garbage.

Like, for example, these.

Here’s what you need to know: these pocket hoses are heavy-duty. Each one has four layers of latex, so they can handle the water pressure without tearing. Also, the connectors aren’t aluminum or plastic. They’re brass, so they’ll last. And, by the way, we won’t just send you a couple hoses. You also get two hose hangers, and two spray-heads (each with eight different spray options).

All of which is enough to make you wonder: does this product have a bonkers infomercial featuring some voiceover work that is, paradoxically, both relaxing and energizing all at once?

The simple answer: yes! It sure does! Take a look below. And when you’re done watching, buy a couple hoses.

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