2-Pack: Loowoko 15W Wireless Charging Valets & Pads

  • The charging valets and charging pads deliver 7.5W to 15W fast wireless charging (based on what you’re charging)
  • Each of them come with 2 fast charging blocks
  • From Loowoko, a brand everyone knows
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

“Holy shit, a floating hammer!” said clone Dale. He looked around, trying to meet the eyes of one of his other selves–the one from the future or the one from the present–but he seemed disappointed that neither of them appeared surprised. “Seriously? A floating hammer? You guys are just like, ‘Oh, sure, whatever’? Is this stuff normal for people who aren’t cloned and locked away in little rooms?”

“I guess I sort of expected this eventually,” Dale said.

“And I lived through it before,” said future Dale.

“SILENCE!” yelled the Hammer of Dale Doom.

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