2-Pack: Real Simple Desk Organizer with Wireless Charger

  • It’s got timeless parts (a place for your pen and some paper clips)
  • It’s got modern parts (a charging pad)
  • Look, it’s real simple
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

“You’ve seen the Immensity Flowers?” cried the Dale-vase next to Dale’s boots.

“Where?” called the Dale-vase from the kitchen counter.

“Not where at all,” said future Dale. “But when. You see, the Immensity Flowers grow in a liminal field, a place outside of time, but close to the 1980s. And I know how to get there. But we must act quickly, while I still remember, for I have something I need to disclose. There was an incident, with a space rock, and it’s caused some disturbances in my memory–”

“Ugh,” said the Dale-vase on the bookshelf.

“This again?” said the Dale-vase on the coffee table.

“Really?” said clone Dale.

“This is like the fifth time you mentioned it,” said the Dale-vase by Dale’s boots.

“Even I knew that,” said the Hammer of Dale Doom.

“I just wish I could see what was happening in there,” called the Dale-vase in the kitchen. “But it’s hard with all the time machines.”

“Okay, okay,” said future Dale holding up his hands. “I guess I might’ve mentioned the space-rock-to-the-head thing before. But the point stands: we gotta go. Dale and clone Dale, grab the vases, and get in the time machine!”

“No,” Dale said.

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