2-Pack: Power-to-Go True Wireless Flame Speakers

  • LED light flickers like a flame to provide soft, glowing light to lure travelers into the forest
  • Rechargeable using the included USB cord that may garrote unsuspecting merchants on the trade routes
  • Speakers connect to each other for surround sound as you surround the caravan
  • Model number is CP112-2, likely meaning “Cool Pose 112-2” in the standard issue Cool Pose Guidebook
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Fire Goes With Everything

They’re LED flame speakers, and they’re rechargeable. So, you’re thinking, “Wow, these would be neat for a backyard.”

And you’d be right! But they can be so much more.

What is right around the corner? Halloween, baby!

And what holiday would you want a flickering black lantern that is portable and will play music or sound effects on a whim? Christmas! Give it to one of those animatronic front-lawn Santas that swivels and waves and there you go.

Okay, okay. What I meant to say was Thanksgiving! Give it to one of those animatronic front-lawn turkeys that swivels and waves and

No, I mean Halloween! Seriously, this goes with so many things, including:

-Spooky lantern for your socially-distanced haunted house.
-Spooky lantern for your socially-distanced haunted front yard.
-Spooky lantern for your socially-distanced haunted backyard.
-Spooky lantern for your socially-estranged potentially haunted uncle who is dressing up like an old-timey gravedigger carrying a shovel and everything. But also it may not be a costume? You’re not entirely sure. It’s been a while.

Anyway, I’m attaching one to the end of a long wooden pole, dressing in black rags, playing panicked whispers through the speaker and hiding a smoke machine on my back. See you when I’m the next urban legend and/or when I need someone to bail me out at the sheriff’s office.

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