meh and mediocre brand wallpapers/backgrounds


It’s like this, Mediocre, I love you–not romantically or sexually (yes, I had to fucking go there; deal with it)–but still in a stalkery, obsessive kind of way. I like who you are, what you stand for, the special way the starlight twinkles in your eyes [strike that bit]. Yeah, so anyway, I like to think of myself as an altogether Mediocre guy. This is also how I am known; it’s an image I’ve cultivated. Aim low.

So here we are in the age of online meetings (we use Teams at work, but I have the Zoom calls too), and I’m not finding an appropriately Mediocre background. I could probably fashion an avatar, but I’d welcome some of those as well. I’m thinking, for instance, just a flask (one of each, please) with a solid background. Highish res, with the pixels and whatnot. I cropped one out of a picture of a t-shirt, but it wasn’t even mediocre (not enough of them damned pixels, I think) and Teams rejected it. I looked in my own half-assed way in the forums but found nada. I googled. I didn’t even try to make something (other than, yaknow, a simple and ultimately failed crop from a t-shirt sale; and, yes, I fucking know how to crop; all of my other stolen handcrafted croppings are fine). You know what I need, Mediocre peoples and Mehicans. There are of course lots of possibilities beyond the simple flask I suggested. Go crazy. Do that shit and share. Employees, please just share. You’ve got it, I know; don’t hold out. Please? and thank you.