2-Pack: Power to Go 11-Piece Pro Lens Kit with LED Light and Travel Case

  • A Clarus 15x macro lens for close-ups and a Trueview 0.45x wide angle lens for wide angle shots
  • Put a lens in the clip and then clip the whole unit onto your phone’s rear- or front-facing camera
  • Other stuff you get: lens caps, LED light, an LED light clip, a carabiner, a lanyard, a travel case, and a dust cloth
  • Do they show your frustration with capitalism: no, so if that’s what you’re looking for, head over to Mediocritee
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All About Expectations

This is one of those sales where it’s all about setting the right expectations, something that the product’s own copy doesn’t do a great job at. Here’s what they say about the Clarus 15x macro lens:

magnifies nearby subjects for breathtaking, super-close-up photos

Breathtaking, huh? Like, sure, the lens looks cool enough. They both do, in fact. But when the product shares a substantial part of its DNA with the thing you use to close a bag of potato chips, we might want to tap the breaks on how “breathtaking” the outcome will be.

Here’s what we’ve got here: a couple lenses and a clip with which to adhere them to your phone’s camera. You got the aforementioned Clarus 15x macro lens and the Trueview 0.45x wide angle lens for, well, wide angle shots. There are also caps for both of those lenses. Plus an LED light, an LED light clip, a carabiner, a lanyard, a travel case, and a dust cloth.

All for about 20 bucks.

Sounds fun, right? And that’s exactly what you should go in thinking: “hey, these could be fun.”

Are you going to slap one on and turn into Steven Soderbergh, directing critically well-received feature films from behind your iPhone? Probably not. Or, if you do, it won’t be because of these lenses.

But they might help you take a couple of interesting photos that make your friends on social media ask, “Wait, what mode do you use to do that?” Or, at the very least, upon seeing you clip one on, someone might say, “Whoa, that’s cool!”

And hey, if the lenses aren’t that great, at least you can use the clip parts to keep a half-eaten bag of Doritos fresh. And isn’t that worth about 20 dollars right there?

No, you’re right. It’s not. So let’s hope the lenses work.

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