2-Pack: Pitch and Trek Inflatable Pillows for Camping & Travel

  • Rest your head somewhere comfy while camping
  • Or use them in the bath
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

“But that’s what I’m here to warn you about that,” future Dale said to Dale, cutting off the vase that was also Dale mid-sentence. “These vases are you, Dale, but they’re not telling the entire truth. You see, what they will ask you to do after you eliminate the Hammer of Dale Doom? The acts of terror they will coerce you into performing on behalf of Dales throughout the multiverse? Let me just say, I’ve never regretted everything so much in my entire life. Not my time in the Intergalactic MurderCorps. Not the things I did in the Mars-Based Prison For Those Who Perform Space-War Crimes. Not even what I’ve been doing in the years since my escape, which is building this time machine and working on my cloning skills.”

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