2-Pack: Peach Leaf 2-in-1 Weighted 6-Pound Lap Pad / Pillow

  • It zips up into an unassuming pillow
  • It zips out into a comforting weighted blanket or lap pad
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

“That’s the thing, Dale,” said future Dale. “Once you start jumping from universe to universe, carrying out the vengeance your alternate vase-selves cannot due to their having no hands or legs, it starts to affect the way time functions. The multiverse exists, yes. But we all live within our universe for a reason. Going from universe to universe disrupts things in ways you won’t be able to imagine. And… I’m sorry… I can’t concentrate with that damn fly buzzing in the window.”

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