2-Pack: Organizeme Customizable Over-The-Door Organizers

  • Hangs over your door to create an organization paradise
  • Pouches and compartments galore for easy organization
  • Seven attachments on each that you can customize to suit your needs
  • You get two!
  • Can it make a margarita: You know, you could stash limes in one pouch and lemons in another and tequila in another and orange liquor in another and…
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Out Of Sight

There’s a bit in cartoons where a character will be looking for something only to open a closet door and experience a miniature avalanche. The implication here is that they have simply shoved the accumulated detritus of their life into the closet, where it can remain out of sight, out of mind.

The bit’s humor–and its ability to survive so many years–hinges on its truth. The closet serves as a storage space. It exists to accumulate mismatched bullshit without any sense of shame. This last bit is important. Your bedside table? The kitchen counter? The front porch? The basement office? Bullshit will accumulate on/in all of these areas, but the difference is, when you see it, you experience a pang of frustration and embarrassment, whereas, with your closet, you feel no such thing. Not because the state of it isn’t embarrassing, but because to avoid it, all you need to do is close the closet door.

And so, the closet becomes a repository for the things you need yet also need out of the way, whether to present yourself as a put-together person for company, or just to give yourself a break from the anxiety that comes along with clutter.

The problem is some things that are out of sight, out of mind do eventually come to mind. Only then, they remain out of sight, due to the fact that your closet is such a shit show.

These door organizers can help with that. First of all, by hanging on the door, they convert an unused surface into more storage space, thus upping your closet’s capacity to take in knickknacks and clothing. But also, with compartments and pouches galore, they invite you to stay organized as you stash your stuff away. Seriously, even the most disorganized weirdo would have a hard time looking at three equally-sized pouches in a row and thinking, I’ll put a single slipper in this one, a few socks in that one, and a rolled-up belt in the last one.

(Of course, this level of disorder is possible, but still: less likely.)

And with this deal, you receive two. Which means double the organization.

So get some, and keep stuff in your closet out of sight, out of mind, yet easy enough to find.

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