2-Pack of Mophie 8000mAH Power Banks with USB-C Charging

  • Some power banks look like digi-spiders
  • These ones look like sleek boxes
  • Sleek pink boxes
  • Each one has 8000mAh capacity
  • Model: 401103170, because Mophie knows only rubes mess with letters
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The Outlet Is Way Over There

You’re sitting on your couch, watching Hulu, and… where do you know that actress from? The one who’s probably the eighth billing on this show from 2014? She looks so familiar, doesn’t she?

So what do you do? You take out your phone, look her up, and realize she’s the fourth billing on that other show you watched recently, the one from 2016. She’s moving up in the world!

Then you maybe check Twitter real quick to see if anyone has anything interesting to say.

Then why not pop over to that app where you log craft beers. Or Snapchat. Or whatever.

And now you’ve missed a solid five minutes and… wait… when did they get to the warehouse and why is she calling him her brother?

Same thing happens when you’re sitting out on your deck, reading your book. You find a word that you think you understand, but you just want to make sure you get it in this context. And so you take out your phone and you’re like, “Oh, okay, cool. It means to tentatively express excitement. That makes sense.”

And then, fifteen minutes later, you emerge from your trance after reading the news and checking your email and looking at old houses on Instagram.

You turn back to your book only to realize you actually stopped reading right at the word in question, and now you have to start the whole paragraph over to remember what the hell was going on.

Which is all to say, sometimes, when you see that low battery warning flash across the screen, it might seem almost merciful. Now you can finally just focus on that show, finally just read the book, finally just live your life.

Until there’s that other actor that you know from somewhere and it just eats at you, so you’re not even enjoying the show anyway, because the charging cable doesn’t reach the couch. Or there’s that word, and yes, you can probably figure out its meaning from context clues, but now you can’t relax and read because you’re too busy feeling stupid.

Which is to say nothing of when you’re waiting for that one call, or that one text.

In other words, even if you’re not traveling, it pays to have a couple good power banks around–and Mophie makes good power banks; they’re one of the top names in the game–because it means going where you want in (and outside) your house without worrying about your phone dying.

Is that just a teensy bit pathetic? Maybe. But we all deserve to be a little pathetic sometimes.

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