2-Pack: Odyssey Toys Tiny Movers

  • Pretty simple: it’s a couple cute toy animals that march around
  • Tilt their heads forward or backward and they’ll start walking in that direction
  • Pull their heads back up and they stop
  • Oh, they make little sounds and their eyes light up too
  • Ok, they’re not quite as simple as we thought at first
  • They’re roughly 5 inches long and 5 inches tall
  • Choose between a 2-pack of Pupper and Uni (dog and unicorn) or Pupper and Dino (dog and dinosaur)
  • What they say when they leave a party: “I’ll Odyssey my way out!”
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The Perfect Toy?

According to the Odyssey website, these are “the perfect toy for the little ones.” They run on 3 AAA batteries each and require no remote control. Instead, they “take their directional queue by the movement of the headpiece.” What does that mean, exactly?


Here’s a video!

Now, did that answer your question? Maybe. Maybe not.

But let’s go back to the initial claim, that these are the perfect toy for the kids in your life. This is a bold thing to say. Also, very possibly a true thing.

Here’s what’s fun about young kids: they’re entirely materialistic–like, they want stuff and they want it bad–but they have zero understanding of what is or is not a status symbol. Sure, they might want what all their friends have. But, alone, they give equal credence to the name-brand over-engineered item advertised constantly on TV as they do to the weird janky little gizmo being sold in the local pharmacy’s bizarre toy aisle.

And so, again, these very well might be the perfect toy for your kiddo. Because something might just click for them, and they might decide: “I love these more than anything in the world.” And the fact that you bought two of them for stupid cheap on a site whose name telegraphs its tendency to underwhelm won’t matter at all.

So get a pair. Maybe your kids will enjoy them. Maybe they won’t. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll lose their damn minds over them and you’ll be begging us to sell more so you’ll have backups.

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