College as an old man sucks

show_the_maw thought this was worth mentioning said

I’m a bit grey in the temples and have 3 beautiful children. I’m going back to college for my MBA and today I had a final. Back when I did undergrad, there was no such thing as on-line class. Now, all my classes are online and I have to download some wacky bullcrap malware laden browser just to take my final. I can’t use excel for my accounting final but have to use something that would make clippy weap tears of sadness. Oh, you’re trying to format this as money? Well good fucking luck because this crap that was coded by a 19 yr old 5 years ago can’t seem to do that. Oh, you’re also going to get 15 significant digits and you’re going to like it.

I swear if this professor gives any grief over formatting I’m going straight to the dean because this worthless piece of crap software didn’t even have spell check! At least I’m done. Hopefully I got an A on that dumb accounting final and I can move onto the next one starting Monday.