2-Pack: Odec 10,000mAh Ultra Slim Power Banks

  • One of these things can probably charge your phone 2-3 times
  • That means, two of them can charge your phone… okay… so wait… do I do the thing inside the parentheses first or…
  • Look, you’re getting a lot of charges
  • Two Input port charge options: Type-C or Micro-USB (cables included)
  • Two USB-A output ports
  • Will these things last for 100s of years, like vampires: probably not, so if you’re looking for something more vampiric, maybe head over to Mediocritee
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Pocket Power

When I was a kid, my parents got us a Sega Game Gear for Christmas. The thing had about a half-inch screen, weighed twelve pounds, and took, I think, 36 AA batteries.

Okay, fine. It was actually 8. But still, 8 is a lot of batteries!

All so my brother and I could enjoy the pared-down 8-bit versions of the 16-bit Sega Genesis games we so loved while on road trips or vacations. For, like, an hour. And then, it was time to open a whole new box of AAs.

Now we have little computers that fit in our pockets and have access to all of human knowledge, and we can use them to communicate, take pictures, play games, read books, and watch movies.

And what’s even crazier is that when the battery runs out, you can just plug this micro-computer into another tiny, compact thing and get a full charge and then some. In other words, if we had smartphones as kids, my brother and I wouldn’t have needed to lug around something that was the weight and size of a brick (or actually maybe a little bigger) plus 32 batteries to ensure we each get a turn playing Earth Worm Jim.

And these things that give the charge–these powerbanks–they’re now so ubiquitous that for just about $13, you don’t just get one that’s capable of fully charging your smartphone at least a couple times. You get two.

In other words, you can pay $12.99 and ensure that you (or your kids) will be properly entertained for just about any trip in the future.

(Because let’s be honest: whenever you travel, you pack a book and some work to get done and maybe the newspaper and maybe some crosswords or Sudoku, but at the end of the day, you’re gonna end up on your phone.)

So get a couple 10,000mAh powerbanks. We promise: they’re money well spent.

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