2-Pack: My Critter Catcher 26" Long Spider and Insect Catcher

  • Bugs are good for the world
  • Also, bugs are scary and/or painful
  • With these, you can remove bugs from your house without killing them or getting bitten/stung
  • Pretty nice, right?
  • These have a nice 26-inch reach, along with your roughly 2-foot long arm, this gives you a good 4 feet of distance from that critter.
  • Your arms’ length may vary
  • Colors are assorted, which means, you might get two of the same color, or two different colors
  • Model: CR1TT3R-1-H4RDL6-KN0W-H3R
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Catch of the Day

Look, I’d never shirk my duty here as the writer for Meh. It is my goal to fill this space with high quality copy every day. But there are times when I need to admit that I’ve been bested. Like today.

My Critter Catcher is a 26" long tool for safely catching spiders (and other bugs) so that you can release them back into the wild with no damage done. That’s the simple description.

This is the point when I’d usually give you more details about the bristles and the mechanism and everything.

But I don’t have to. Because there’s an infomercial.

(Warning: put the volume down because we open with a pretty loud shout.)

Judging by the amount of gnarly eight-legged critters we see these two catching, all while wearing the same clothes (implying this is all happening the same day), I might recommend some pest control. But still, I appreciate them giving us a good demo.

Now, if you’re thinking that this looks great and all, but you’re curious if it works for worms and bees and even butterflies, great news: the answer is yes. As shown in this SECOND, far more sedate infomercial:

Really the question raised by both of these videos for me, though, is: where do they get all the bugs? Like, are there people who’ve made it a business to supply spiders and insects to people making commercials and films? There has to be, right? But what a strange business to get into. Like, do you make the decision and then gather the “supplies”? Or do you just have a bunch of spiders around and say, “Well, I guess this is what I do”? And follow up: are the spiders trained?

I have no idea!

Anyway get yourself a couple Critter Catchers and start catching some critters!

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