I have encountered a shipping logistics company worse than Pitney Bowels

ruouttaurmind thought this was worth mentioning said

Try reaching Nonstop Delivery, Inc. (NSD; a shipping/returns logistics company used by Home Depot).

Since 4/1 at 10:23am I have phoned NSD at least 3 dozen times to schedule a pickup. No exaggeration. I’ve spent untold hours in the hold queue waiting to speak with someone, most of those calls being automatically disconnected after holding for 2 and 1/2 hours. That seems to be the maximum amount of time NSD will let you linger in the queue.

They offer one of those “Don’t want to wait on hold? Enter your phone number and we’ll call you back as soon as it’s your turn!”. Tried that maybe 6 or 7 times through April and never received a call.

On NSD’s website they claim “Our company focuses on superior customer service and operational excellence to drive value-added results.” If there has been any humor in this, it was when I read that.