2-Pack: Mr. Beams 50-ft Incandescent Indoor/Outdoor String Lights

  • Get a little ambiance without any real work
  • Choose between white or black cords
  • They can function in as low as 13 below or as high as 140 degrees
  • IP44-rated means they can handle weather
  • Are there any food puns involved here: No, so if that’s your thing, please head to Mediocritee
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Ambiance Made Easy

I’ll get to these lights in a second, I promise. But first, I want to talk about cooking.

See, here’s something that happens to me from time to time: I go to a restaurant and I order something new. It comes to the table, I eat it, and my mind is blown. It’s so good. Absolutely delicious. So I go back to that restaurant another time, and I order it again. And again. And again. And every time, it’s so satisfying. And I think: what kind of culinary witchcraft could possibly be involved in the cooking process of this? This must be something you train years to make! Finally, my curiosity gets the best of me. Amateur though I may be, I decide: I’m doing it! I’m setting aside a night, and I’m going to cook–no, attempt to cook–this thing myself.

So I Google a recipe and find out that this dish I’ve so loved and so revered is comprised of, like, 3 ingredients. There are 4 steps to make it. I can do it in 20 minutes, prep and all. And it tastes great every time. In other words: it’s both simply amazing and amazingly simple.

These lights are kind of like that but for ambiance.

You might think the perfect deck requires the perfect finish, the perfect set of patio furniture, the perfect arrangement. You might think that you need to spend hours deciding what color to paint the roof of your screened-in porch and devote pages and pages to notebook sketches so you can best decide where to put everything.

But really, what you should do is just string up some of these lights. They’re rustic-looking. They’re fun. They’re dimmable, so you can use them to read or just set a nice mood. They work in temperatures as cold as 13 below and as hot as 140. And they’re rated IP44, so they can stand up to some weather. And despite the fact that they’re way easier and cheaper than shopping for furniture or paint, they still give your space some great vibes.

So get some, and enjoy a little easy ambiance this fall!

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