2-Pack: Mophie Powerstation 10,000 mAh Power Banks

  • Simple, sleek bricks of power
  • Each one has a USB-A port, a USB-C port, and some lights to let you know if it’s charged
  • 10,000mAh each
  • Use duct-tape to make one 20,000mAh powerbank with 4 ports and 2 sets of lights
  • Model: M0PH13-PH1-PH0-PHUM
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Keep It Simple

Mophie. It’s a brand name you might not’ve heard before. Or, we should say, it’s a brand name you might not’ve heard before if, you know, you didn’t visit our site from time to time. If you’re a regular Meh customer, Mophie joins that cadre of companies that seem like household names around here, except no one in the real world has ever heard of them. You know, like Libratone, or Unsimply Stitched, or iHome.

So, anyway, let’s pretend you’re one of those people out in the real world. And you’ve never heard of Mophie. Your first thought would probably be that it’s some off-brand bullshit, the kind of thing that you see at a mall kiosk.

And yet, consider this: have you ever heard of Edelmetall? Probably not, but they just happen to make what is considered the best outdoor propane burner for home-brewing. How about Moleskin? They make the best little notebooks for poets and artists write ideas into. And does Ratt-a-Tattlerz ring a bell? Because they’re considered the global leader in rattlesnake taming collars.

Okay, we made that last one up. But the point stands: beneath the behemoth brands that seem to control entire industries–like the kitchen appliance industry, or the sporting goods industry, or the electronics industry–there are expansive substrata of brands that are not as well known, not because they’re bad, but because they remain in the specific lane they’ve carved for themselves.

Mophie is a great example of this. They might not have the same name recognition as say Sony or Samsung or Philips or what have you, but that’s mostly because they stick to the powerbank business… where they’re one of the best in the game.

And if you need proof, you can Google some reviews. But, as far as we’re concerned, there’s no reason to look beyond the picture at the top left of your screen.

Notice anything interesting about these things? No. You don’t. Sure, the colors are fun. But other than that, these babies are just sleek, simple bricks of pure power. There’s a USB-A port. There’s a USB-C port. There are some lights to tell you if it’s charged. And that’s it. In other words, there are no gimmicks to hide behind, because Mophie is confident in their product’s utility.

So, yeah. It might not be a household name, but our point is: maybe it should be?

Wait, no. Our point is: you should buy some Mophie powerbanks.

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