2-Pack: Meh Face Christmas Ornaments

  • You get one black one and one white one
  • They say ‘Meh’ on one side and have the face on the other one
  • Watch as your cat goes on their own IRL Meh streak by swatting at these every day until they knock one off and shatter it across the floor
  • Looking for an even more magical gift? Head over to our kingdom of Mediocritee
  • Model: 0RN4M3HNT5
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Should you buy these Meh Christmas ornaments? Let’s consider this.

If you adorn your tree with Meh Christmas ornaments, you’re signaling to those who attend your Christmas celebration that you shop on Meh. And if they know you shop on Meh, then they can deduce that a percentage of your Christmas shopping was completed on Meh. And this would be bad, because it means that you’ve pinched pennies, so to speak, and moreover left some amount of your gift-purchasing, which is supposed to be thoughtful and personal, up to a daily deal schedule to which you have no access and over which you have no control.

Except that there’s a flaw in this logic, because it requires that the Christmas attendee somehow a) knows what Meh is, but b) did not know that you know what Meh is.

More likely is one of these two possibilities:

  1. The attendee has no idea what Meh is, and therefore assumes the ornaments are simply that–ornamental. And given that they cannot know you shop at on deal-a-day site they do not know exists, they’ll make no assumptions about the quality of gifts you’ve purchased for people.


  1. They know what Meh is and know you shop there, and so it was already presupposed that some of the gifts they’d be receiving would be purchased at a steep discount. Which, if anything, would be a relief, because it means they don’t have to feel guilty if they don’t love what you’ve given them.

Which is all to say, you shouldn’t worry that these Meh Christmas ornaments are going to be a downer!

Oh, except that they say ‘Meh,’ and have the nonplussed neutral face on them. That might be considered not super jolly. But whatever.

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