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2-Pack: Lifestyle Advanced Bluetooth Earbuds

  • One is a pair of bluetooth earbuds
  • The other is an identical pair of bluetooth earbuds
  • They’re fine, probably
  • Model: LABT-2800, which does not at all sound like the evil corporation in a sci-fi movie
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Call In Some Backup

Are these earbuds good?

I mean, who knows, really.

Okay, let me clarify. These earbuds are probably ‘fine.’ Like, are they better than the new Apple AirPods Pro? The simple answer: No. Of course not. Let’s not be stupid here. Even if Apple is guilty of using their name recognition to drive up how much they can charge, you can’t just knock a zero off the end of the price (for a two-pack, no less) and expect to get the same level of quality.

But here is what I know: earbuds are ephemeral. They are the carnival goldfish of the electronics world. Some will stay alive longer than others, but none are really guaranteed to last.

What’s more, earbuds have a tendency to take their final breath right when you need them. Like, when you’re about to be on a long flight one row away from a guy who has misinterpreted his neighbor’s politeness as an invitation to talk more about his job in industrial fertilizer sales.

And so while these might not be the best–like, maybe you won’t hear every nuanced layer of that new album of ambient soundscapes you just downloaded–they’re probably fine enough for listening to podcasts or audiobooks or pop music. And moreover, they’re better than no earbuds at all. And we’re almost certain they’ll be higher quality than whatever you can get at the local pharmacy (or, even worse, the airport) for $16.

In other words, they’re a totally respectable pair of backup earbuds. And what makes them even better? As this is a 2-pack, they themselves come with their own pair of backup earbuds!

Think of all the stress you could save yourself, not having to worry about what to do when your primary earbuds eventually crap out! That alone is worth $16 if you ask us.

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