2-Pack: Libratone ONE Click 50-Watt True Stereo Pairing Bluetooth Speakers

  • A pair of stereo-pairing portable bluetooth speakers that sound better than they really have any right to
  • They’re splash-proof too, so you can use them near the shower or the pool
  • They look cool, right?
  • Hook one to your bike or whatever
  • Model: TW1N-5P34K5
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Better Than They Should Be

Does anyone else find it odd that we’re selling TWO Libratone ONES? Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

But seriously, while these aren’t as big and advanced as the Libratone Zipp or Zipp 2, they sound better than they honestly should for how portable they are. And if you’re like, “Wait, why would I need portable speakers?” we understand. We too have forgotten much of what life was like in the before-times, when people would leave their house and go to a place other than the grocery store, like say somewhere to socialize (share information and humorous anecdotes) with friends (people you smile and laugh with).

Of course, it’s not as though a pair of high-quality stereo-pairing splash-proof bluetooth speakers NEED to be put to use outside your home. No, sir! There are plenty of great ways to use these around the house. And user @Atomizer discussed one such possibility in the forum the last time we sold these:

I bought a pair of these solely for use as shower speakers, since they hang around the curtain rod and lie flat against the walls, and they’re perfect for that role. They sound good for music, although I usually listen to things that are mostly speech like news while I’m showering (because I don’t have to watch the accompanying video.) Battery life is excellent; I can use them for about 30 minutes a day and charge them once a month (and even then they’ve got charge to spare, according to their status lights.)

The only problem with this review? It’s so direct and helpful that it’s kinda messing with our whole snarky scatterbrained vibe.

Quick! We better find something to lower the discourse to the appropriate level of goofiness. Oh, here, this comment from @ArmchairGamer should work:

These look like power banks wearing little headphones.

Ah, now that’s more like it! Thanks, @ArmchairGamer!

Anyway, please buy some speakers.

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