2-Pack: KeySmart SmartCard

  • Put it in your wallet and be able to find your wallet with your phone
  • You can see it on a map, or you can make it ring
  • One charge lasts months, and it charges wirelessly
  • Works with Apple Find My
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can help you find your wallet after a few too many margs at the cantina
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Where's Wallet?

Dr. Anne Gibbons and the young intern Rodney stumbled out of the brush and saw a welcome sight: the park’s deserted welcome center. Of course, they sought the safety of shelter after so many hours outrunning the dinosaurs that had, due to a power outage, escaped their cages. But first, Dr. Gibbons saw something even more appealing.

“Water!” she cried.

But the fountains had been turned off at some point during the chaos of the previous evening.

“Look, over there!” Rodney said, pointing to a vending machine. “Maybe it’s stocked!”

Miraculously, the machine’s lights showed. But when Rodney patted his pockets, he found his wallet gone. “Shoot,” he said, taking out his phone. “I must’ve dropped it somewhere out in the forest.”

“I told you, Rodney,” Dr. Gibbons said, “I called the coastguard but it’ll be six hours until they arrive.”

“No,” Rodney said. “I’m checking to see where I dropped my wallet. I have a KEYSMART SmartCard wallet tracker in it. That means I can open an app and see where it is. Plus, I can make it ring!”

“How fascinating!” Dr. Gibbons said.

But Rodney’s brow furrowed with confusion. “That’s odd. It says it’s right here. But I swear it’s not in my pocket.” Rodney tapped the button sounding the KEYSMART’s alarm. It rang out behind them. The two of them turned around to look… coming face-to-face with a T-rex. In fact, the ringing seemed to be coming from the beast’s gullet!

“Oh my!” Rodney said. “What an amazing discovery! It turns out the T-rex’s stomach is shockingly thin, thus allowing sound to escape! Moreover, its fluids must dissolve things very slowly for the card to still be functional! And on top of that–”

Dr. Gibbons put her hand on his shoulder. “I think it’s just lazy plotting, Rodney.”

“Oh, huh,” he said. “So should we run?”

“That sounds great,” said Dr. Gibbons. And they took off for the welcome center’s door with a tyrannosaurus in hot pursuit.

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