2-Pack: JVC True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

  • These sound great, but they’re red. That doesn’t matter to us, but it’s how we got them cheap and why you can get them cheap.
  • The cheapest ones are just buds
  • The AirPods-like stem version costs a few bucks more & gets you an extra hour of battery life
  • Can they make a margarita: No, but you’ll have plenty of money left over for the weird fancy marg at the bottom of the drinks menu at the Mexican place
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I was out for a long, slow run the other day when something inside me began to die.

No, it wasn’t the tendons in my knees, or the muscles in my calves, or my lung capacity, or my will to keep going, to push through the exhaustion for just one more mile. It was my left earbud. I heard a tiny bit of static while listening to a podcast. Considering it might just be a glitch in the recording, I tried to listen to a song. Again: static.

And though it was minor, and though the earbud lasted for the remainder of the jog, a terrible panic rose up in me. Because I hate shopping for earbuds.

I know what will happen. It’s the same every time. I’ll think: Well, I like these ones, so why don’t I just buy another pair? But the problem is, I likely bought them here, on Meh. So they’ll be a lot pricier anywhere else. And no matter what I set my willingness at, spending-wise, the price will be roughly ten times that. Like, way way way more expensive than they were when they first came out, and now only offered by some sketchy third-party seller who wants to profit off my fear of change.

In fact, it would be cheaper to just buy the newer model. Only, the brand changed the shape of them. As if this is not the single most important thing about earbuds, more important than sound quality, even, given that even the world’s best drivers and woofers and whatever aren’t going to do much if the buds just rest at the end of your ear canal, ready to tumble out as soon as you up your pace from leisurely stroll to quasi-power-walk.

Then there’s ordering them, and waiting for them to arrive, time when you’re supposed to, what? Not listen to something while doing the dishes? Impossible!

Which is all to say: I’d be smart to buy these buds today, to have some in case the static persists and my current pair dies for good.

Now, I will say, these confuse me a little bit.

Usually, we sell buds that fit into one of three categories.

Surprisingly good buds for about $25-$40: Very solid go-to buds for a fraction of what you’ll get them for elsewhere.

Decent “bridge” buds for $15-24: Buds to use if your better pair craps out; not the best, but good enough while you wait to find something better.

Tip stash additions for under $14: Like, you might as well toss most of the hardware and keep the tips in case you need them for a better pair.

At $18-22 for a two-pack, these would seem to fit into that final category. HOWEVER! They’re from JVC, a brand you’ve actually heard of, and they actually get good reviews on Amazon. In fact, per the detailed rating breakdown, the sound quality gets a respectable 4.2 out of 5.

In other words, maybe they’re actually surprisingly good buds for a tip stash price? It’s possible! And if they’re not? Eh, you spent barely over or under 20 bucks.

So get some and use them now or stash them away for when you need a replacement. I know that’s what I’m doing!

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