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2-Pack: iWalk Scorpion Power Bank with Lightning, USB-C & Micro USB Cables

  • 2 power banks with 8000 mAh
  • That’s a total of 16,000 mAh
  • Would love to get to the point where my computer does not autocorrect mAh to either ‘man’ or ‘meh,’ but I fear it’ll never happen
  • The cables are built in: lightning, micro USB, and type-c
  • Also the cable to charge the power bank
  • Model: P0W3R-U-D01N6
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Don't Be Dumb

In some ways, we’re not just selling a 2-pack of power banks; we’re selling the tools to idiot-proof your life.

Because, think about it: you rely on your phone. Maybe this reliance is not always healthy. Maybe sometimes, you feel that the constant connection means you’re forever a tap away from various social media platforms that can be at best vapid, and at worst extremely dangerous and toxic.

But then there are other times when you’re lost driving around. Or you need to ask someone a quick question that doesn’t warrant a full fledged phone call. Or you’re in the grocery store and a craving to make falafel from scratch hits you, and you need a recipe. So, what do you do? You take out your phone.

Thus, it’s important that your phone stay charged. But this sale isn’t just idiot-proofing in that it’s a power bank. It accounts for pretty much everything. Check it out:

Uh oh, my phone’s dying!

Cool. Hook it up to the power bank.

But I forgot a charging cable!

It doesn’t matter. This thing has built-in cables (lightning, micro USB, and type-c).

But I already used it to charge my phone!

That’s no problem. Most smart phones take about 2000 mAh to get a full charge. This thing has 8000 mAh. So, when it’s fully juiced up, it can charge your phone almost 4 times (or maybe even more than 4 times, depending on what you’ve got).

The power bank is actually completely dead!

Its charging cable is built in too. So you could charge it and then charge your phone.

There are no outlets!

Then it’s good thing you bought TWO power banks, right? So you can always have one charged?

See what we’re talking about? And yet, there is a risk here. It’s like how when your soufflé doesn’t rise you throw your arms up in mild frustration and say, “What can you do?” but when you overcook an egg or break the yolk, you feel like a moron. By buying two power banks with built-in cables, you’re adding a number of failsafes to the process of keeping your phone charged, which simplifies things. And yet, the simpler it gets, the dumber you’ll feel when your phone does die. Because if you idiot-proof something and then you still mess it up, doesn’t that mean you occupy some substrata of stupidity beneath pure idiocy?

In other words, is it worth introducing more potential for more embarrassment into your life by buying these two power banks for $28?

Of course it is, silly!

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