2-Pack: Irk/Glen/Meh Sticker Bundle

  • Three early favorites for Time’s person of the year: Irk, Glenn, and our logo.
  • Now, they can be stuck to the back of your laptop.
  • You’re welcome.
  • Model: 1-R3M3HM83R-GL3NN.

Oh, the Mehmories: a Birthday Meh-rathon!

For our birthday this year, we’re putting on a Meh-rathon to honor the people that make this site so great. That’s right: we’re talking about US! So please, enjoy this epic celebration–or… sell-ebration?–by shopping, laughing, buying, sharing your thoughts, sharing your money, and buying!

Ah, the two greatest Meh characters! Glenn and Irk! Why, it’s impossible to choose a favorite.

But what if you had to?

And moreover what if the fate of the country relied on it?

What we’re saying is, we want you to choose who you support–Glenn or Irk–and then script a political attack ad against the other in the comments.

Let’s see the dirt fly!

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  • 614 clicked meh
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Who's buying this crap?

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