2-Pack: Honey-Can-Do Pro Model 17.5oz Stainless Steel Dry Food Dispensers

  • A couple cereal dispensers like they have at continental breakfasts
  • But you don’t have to put cereal in
  • Great for dispensing candy or pet food too
  • (Probably don’t fill it with both at the same time, though)
  • Can set on counter or mount to wall
  • Stainless steel construction makes them sturdy, and able to better endure your children’s use
  • Model: D15P3N53-W1TH-TH3-C3R34L
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Did you know they used things like these on the Big Bang Theory? And you’ve certainly seen them at continental breakfasts. Well, now you can have the same luxuries available in hit sitcoms and Best Westerns… IN YOUR OWN HOME!

Okay, we’re being a little facetious, but they are actually pretty useful. And we’ll give you a few reasons why:

1. You know how much you have

Here’s a scenario you’ve certainly experienced before: you’re jonesing for some cereal and you know you didn’t finish the box yesterday. So you pull it out… and pour barely a quarter cup of flakes (and dust) into your bowl. Because, you know, you can’t see through boxes. Well, you can see through these!

2. You can go cheap and no one has to know

What’s the deal with knock-off Cheerios? The texture is never right. The shape isn’t so perfectly round. They’re just… wrong? And it’s especially jarring because it seems like literally every other cereal’s recipe is open source. How else do you explain the uncanny resemblance between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and your local grocery brand’s Toasty Squares with Cinnamon & Sweetener? Or Fruit Loops and Tropical Circles? Point is, knock-off cereal usually tastes just as good as the big brands. And by emptying those boxes (or, dare we say, bags) into these, you destroy the only evidence that proves you cheaped out.

3. They’re sorta decorative

Okay, maybe this is stupid but hear us out. The main thing these do is dispense cereal. But when they’re not dispensing cereal, they’re just hanging out, looking kinda cool and giving everyone who wanders through your house the (perhaps false) impression that you oversee a well-stocked, organized kitchen.

4. They’re not just for cereal

Yes, we’re talking a lot about cereal here. But you can put whatever you want in there, honestly. Like, you can fill one with candy and set it on your desk at work. Or you could load it up with cat food and now it’s easy-peasy to fill up the bowl and tell when it’s about time to buy a new bag. Hell, you could stuff it with rocks. Why? We don’t know. We’re not rock heads. But you might be? Look, point is, they go beyond cereal.

There you go: four good reasons to buy these. Which means, if you don’t want to buy them, you need to provide at least five good reasons not to. Sorry, we don’t make the rules of commerce. We just blindly enforce them.

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