Worst IRK ever


That’s right. It’s so bad I opted to create a post rather than add to the reveal thread.

My track record snagging IRKs over the past year has been (nearly) flawless. I know regret, and meh has delivered each and every single time.

But this latest one, well, meh let me down. Hugely.
There is nothing. NOTHING. That I regret in this kit. More like a NRK. A ZRK even.

I didn’t get a single women’s beauty product that I can’t use. No poo-porri. Not a single broken electronic. Or silver polish. Or USB B cable. Not even a Trackr. meh, you’re slipping, and I’m not sure I want to carry on with my VMP if you’re going to go to this sort of dishonest, fake, product marketing. It just won’t stand.


Let’s review:

  • Storage Containers: I can send people home with these or leave them at friends house, this is useful!

  • An RC “drone”: My stockpile was nearly depleted, this makes a good stocking stuffer / “take this and go away kid, the adults are talking” gifts. Useful!!

  • Under-Bed Lights: I have my own that I built years ago with rope lights (bought on meh), but my girlfriend doesn’t at her apartment. USEFUL!!

  • Grill Mitt: I have a smoker that this will be super useful for, damnit! ALSO USEFUL!!

  • And a purple IRK bag: People (@barney) on meh LIKE purple a lot, and it’s a really nice purple! And these bags are handy for groceries and what-not. USFEUL!@#!!

So, to summarize: You gave me a bunch of useful shit and I don’t regret any part of it. For shame.