2-Pack: Gloue 3000 Volt Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatters with Stands

  • Two rackets with electrical webbing for taking down all sorts of insects
  • Leave them in their charging base and they’re basically bug zappers
  • You get two of them for double the insect takedown ability
  • Are they available in Georgia Red: depends on how much blood is in the mosquito you swat
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Swatter Weather

Gotta be honest: when we first saw the phrase “electric fly swatter” we thought that there would be some sort of, like, electric hinge so that the swatting motion would be automated. This… makes a lot more sense.

Basically, what you’ve got here is a 2-pack of tennis rackets with tight, electrified webbing. If that sounds a little scary, just know that Gloue ensures “the three-layer safety net provides protection.” How? Hard to say, but then again, having a pesky fly loose in your house is dangerous in its own right. Like, to your sanity.

Anyway, when you’re not using them, you can leave them in their charging bases and they’ll mow down squitos all night long.

At least, that’s how we understand it from this video:

Okay, so, gotta be honest: a little confused here. The first swatter thing she uses is not a Gloue? Which is why she looks so disappointed? Until she eventually turns to the Gloue?

Really, though, there’s some great visual storytelling going on here. The pristine home, the delicate silk pajamas–from details like this, you’d think she has the perfect life. But then, a shot of the table covered with dead mosquitos makes you wonder, why does she allow herself to live this way, in a house overrun by pests?

What we’re saying is, like all great characters in cinema and literature, Woman Using Gloue Electric Fly Swatter is relatable yet flawed. Or relatable… because she’s flawed.

Sorry, got a bit off track there.

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