2-Pack: Emoji Travel Pillow & Eye Mask Set

  • A 2-pack of s 2-thing set: an emoji travel pillow and a sleep mask
  • That’s 4 things total, 2 pillows and 2 masks
  • Each of the 4 things is printed with emojis
  • If you like goofy designs on things you can wear, maybe check out Mediocritee
  • Model: 3M0-633-WH1Z
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Give Away or Give In (To Sleep)

The holidays are approaching, which means two things.


We will soon be ensnared in a series of gift-giving “games” at work. Perhaps it is a Secret Santa. Perhaps it’s a White Elephant exchange. Either way, the basic premise remains the same: you are to spend a small amount of money on a gift for a coworker.

Finding a gift for these events can be difficult. Again, you are restricted in terms of spending. But there’s another restriction; you might know very little about your assigned gift receiver’s personal interests or hobbies, or, in the case of the White Elephant exchange, nothing at all. So you need something that can be enjoyed regardless of your knowledge of the recipient, something that will illicit an involuntary chuckle when it is unwrapped, even as the unwrapper thinks, I may never use this thing.

And second

You will likely travel home to convene with family. This can be tough for all you outgoing and oblivious comedians out there. On the one hand, a flight is a great time to socialize with those forced to sit within inches of you, an opportunity to ignore all signs of discomfort or disinterest as you unleash a series of hilarious (you think) jokes to an audience with nowhere to go. On the other hand, the seasonally engorged travel prices mean that you often must fly at odd and unpleasant times, like overnight, when you’d prefer to sleep and gather energy for the onslaught of family time ahead. In other words, you need something that can illicit yucks while allowing you to sleep.

(And the rest of us need something beyond bulky headphones to make clear that we will NOT be engaging.)

In either case–whether you’re buying something for your officemate or trying to catch some ZZZs on the trip home–this Emoji Travel Pillow and Sleep Mask should do the trick!

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