2-Pack: BCMaster 30W or 65W USB-C PD Chargers with 18W USB-A

  • The 30-watt is good for charging smaller stuff fast
  • The 65-watt is right for charging the big stuff, like MacBooks fast
  • Both feature Power Delivery 3.0 USB-C Ports and QualComm Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A Ports
  • Is it Mac compatible: Yeah, duh!
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You're In Charge

This is one of those sales where it’s a choice, but it’s not actually a choice. What we mean is: it’s all about what you need to charge. Want something to plug in your phone or your smartwatch or whatever? Grab the 30-watt. Need something with a bit more power for your MacBook? Then you should opt for the 65-watt option.

Boom. Easy.

And you know what else is easy? Charging. Because these things feature two ports: a USB-C port, and a quick charging USB-A port. The only problem now is figuring out what to do with the relatively short time it takes for your device to get back to 100%.

Our suggestion: have a snack! Maybe something sweet that’ll help you recharge. We’re talking an energizing treat like:

  • Some Joule-o Pudding
  • A Circuit-Kat bar
  • A blackcurrent scone
  • Some grid-dle cakes
  • A slice of wattermelon
  • A volt-en chocolate cake
  • Some Power Patch Kids
  • An Atomic Wireball
  • Some filament chocolate chip ice cream
  • An Ohm Henry! bar

Now, look. We make a lot of bad puns around here. But these? These are some of the worst. But these charging ports aren’t the worst at all. They’re actually good. So buy yourself a couple and get charging.

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