2-Pack: Aduro PowerUp Passenger 5 Port USB Car Charger with Backseat Clip

  • Turn your useless cigarette lighter port into FIVE high-value USBs
  • Lets you plug devices in up front and in the back, simultaneously
  • Long cord gets you power where you need it, and a little clip keeps it there
  • Model: 5M0K3-FR33
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Anachronisms abound.

Right now there’s a whole generation that only knows what a floppy disk looks like because of the little Save icon that still looks like that because of two or three OTHER generations who don’t handle change well.

If the younger group encountered an actual floppy would they think it’s a coaster designed to look like a save icon?

If this is you, please shed some light in the comments.

See also: the round port in modern cars. It’s called a cigarette lighter but doesn’t light cigarettes. Mostly it charges phones. But if you ever have to explain to someone that you used to push a thing in there that would heat up enough to start a small fire while you drive, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

“Um. Weird…but how did you charge your phone??”

You didn’t. There was no phone. Until there was. And then for a while, that port could light cigarettes AND charge phones because the early 90s were a magical time.

Oh and for a layer of bonus irony, there are now e-cigarettes, which don’t need lighting but do need charging. So in some sense, you can only light your fake cigarette with help from a thing that is called a cigarette lighter but doesn’t make fire.

That feels less magical, to be honest.

Anyway, the point of all this is that we don’t really need our cars to light cigarettes as much as we need USB ports to be spilling out of every possible automotive orifice. And while some cars have those sprinkled lovingly throughout, (A) not all cars do and (B) some deliver so little power that they barely keep up with whatever seizure-inducing nonsense is keeping your kids quiet back there.

So for today’s deal, you get two five-port USB car chargers that are frankly brilliant in design. You can plug it in up front (where you’ll get the first two USB ports) and then run the nice long cord to the back (where the other three ports can be). There’s even a clip to keep it in place back there.

Great stuff.

Now let’s go explain to some kids why making exaggerated circular hand crank motions means to put the car window down.

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