2-Pack: Super Bright Zoomable Cree LED Tactical Flashlights

  • Two tacti-cool flashlights for all your flashlight needs
  • Unnecessarily aggressive styling
  • They put down some serious lumens
  • Model: LUM05
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Lighten Up

Badass flashlights are so hot right now.

Sorry. Badass is the wrong word.


Tactical flashlights are so hot right now.

Except we’re not quite sure what it means for something to be “tactical.” Some quick research suggests that tactical means an item will look cool secured to the outside of your body. You can definitely call a McRib tactical as long as you wrap it in grip tape and strap it to your leg.

Being matte black also seems to help, with as large a variety of grippy textures as possible running the length of your tactical item. You don’t want to lose your grasp on that tactical pogo stick or have it catch the moonlight and reveal your location in the darkness.

Anyway, flashlights.

Even if you have no desire to tactically affix your new flashlight to your own body, today’s deal is actually quite great. The LED is super bright. The beam is adjustable. It runs on ordinary, no-nonsense batteries. Did we mention super bright?

These are the features you want from a flashlight, especially if your main flashlight priority is lighting things up in the dark and not looking cool on your leg in between some expired emergency flares and a couple of those weird ninja knives you can get at the mall.

But hey, if you want this with you at all times, it’s good for that. If you want to have it rattling around in your toolbox, it’s good for that, too. And this is a two-pack, so if you want one in each spot—also fine.

Grab yourself a couple of semi-serious flashlights for your semi-serious flashlight needs. We don’t know enough about lightbulbs attached to sticks to suggest how much street cred these will earn you on some nerdy flashlight forum or whatever, but they’ll definitely help you make dark places into lit-up places.

Did we mention you get two??

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