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2-for-Tuesday: Vaux Portable Speaker & Battery for 2nd Gen Echo Dot

  • 2 Amazon Echo speakers so that Alexa isn’t captive to one room
  • Also, these things can get pretty loud, which is good for when she’s helping you with a home improvement project
  • Echo is not included, obvs
  • Model: 97-CBNVX-01; I also did a lot of CBNVX between 1997 and 2001
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Take Her With You

We talked a bit yesterday about the perils of the holiday season. Yes it’s a joyous time, a time filled with family and friends, a time of giving and receiving, a time of laughter and love. But, as we mentioned, it can also be very, very busy. With travel. With hosting. All that stuff.

So we offered a Shiatsu massage pillow to help ease the stress post-festivities. Today we want to address a different issue, the issue of your smart home.

It’s one thing when it’s just you and your significant other. Alexa can live in the living room, awaiting your commands to play music or set the temperature or do whatever you want her to do.

But now it’s the night before Christmas and all through the house, a creature is stirring… and it’s you. You’re getting the guest bedrooms ready. You’re making sure you’ve got everything you need to deep fry the turkey. You’re outside, sprinkling salt on the stairs because there’s that little place where the ice melts and then refreezes, and you don’t want anyone getting hurt.

In other words, you’re not just in the living room.

In fact–again, as we covered yesterday–you might be hundreds or thousands of miles from your living room. You might be at your childhood home. But just because you’re far away doesn’t mean you won’t have any questions about historical context to ask Alexa while you and your parents binge-watch The Crown.

Which is all to say, you might appreciate some more portability in the new year. So get these portable speakers for Amazon Echo and take Alexa EVERYWHERE!

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