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2-for-Tuesday: CobaltX Adjustable Smartphone/Tablet Stand

  • Using revolutionary PrettiSimple rubberized grips, they work with any phone, tablet, or Nintendo Switch!
  • Easily attach them to counters or tables using BasicAss Technology!
  • The latest JustYankItAroundAndShit firmware allows you to easily adjust the angle!
  • Model: M2640, which was constructed using the newest RandomLetterPlusNumbers applications!
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Get The Right Angle

The way in which one of these smartphone/tablet stands might be useful for cooking, as told by someone who has never cooked a meal, and has a poor concept of how food works in general:

Okay, so, as usual, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re busy getting everything together for dinner at 8. You’ve got the recipe up on your phone, and it calls for soft spaghetti, but you only have hard spaghetti in a box. Which means you’re getting the spaghetti machine out, and you’re pouring in the softening solution, and you’re letting it pressurize.

Next, there’s the potatoes to sauté. You get them out and use the torch to remove the skin. Then you put them on the wood block and start sautéing them with a knife. Only, since you left your phone over there on the counter next to spaghetti machine, you don’t have the recipe in front of you. Thus, you over-sauté the potatoes, which means they’ll be all grainy. And no one likes a grainy potato!

Just as you’re getting ready to de-sauté the potatoes with a little vinegar, you hear the ding, which means the fresh corn you put in the oven has finally reduced to cornmeal. But you don’t take it out, because you’ve gotta pick up your phone off the counter and check how many eggs you need to add to turn it into salsa.

Fine, right?


Because in the the time it takes to move to your phone, pick it up, and scroll to the appropriate part of the recipe–because this is all one cohesive meal–the corn has overcooked and caught fire.

So, when you open the oven door, flames lick out. You slam it shut, but it’s too late. Your glass of wine, sitting on top of the stove, catches a bit of the heat, and since alcohol is flammable, it explodes all over the kitchen, catching your window curtains, and setting your whole kitchen ablaze.

And all because you didn’t have easy access to the recipe. Well, if you’d had a CobaltX Universal Adjustable 2-in-1 Smartphone/Tablet Stand, none of this would’ve happened. With every step you took around the kitchen, you could’ve made a quick and easy adjustment to keep the phone screen in full view!

And then, you wouldn’t have to call the fire department. Instead, you might text your friends to invite them to share in your bounteous meal, perhaps using that famous French phrase that means “enjoy your meal”:

Au revoir!

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