2-for-Tuesday: 2-in-1 Lucky Leash Retractable Dog Harnesses/Leashes

  • These go for $20 each, usually. Here, you get two for $12.
  • Fine print says "Not recommended for aggressive dogs” so aggressive dog owners will either need a different leash or a different dog.
  • It’s the harness model, not the collar model, and it’s all-in-one: leash and harness connected.
  • Model: TEK363, which makes it sound much cooler than it really is
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It Could Happen To You

“Ever struggle with hooks and clips when putting on your dog’s leash? Are you constantly losing your leash while your dog is jumping up and down waiting to go out?” Copy like that can only mean one thing: we’ve got ourselves an “As Seen On TV” product!

And therefore, we’re not going to discuss how the Lucky Leash’s two-in-one design makes it easy to keep track of. Or how its use of magnets are more convenient than clips. Or how this is the harness version, allowing for more control than a simple collar. Instead, we are going to follow the infomercial model and provide three realistic scenarios outlining what could go wrong if you DON’T have a Lucky Leash.

While you’re preparing to clip the leash to your dog’s harness, he squirms and you accidentally pinch the skin of your right middle finger, creating a small but painful blister. This would no big deal… that is, if you weren’t New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, scheduled to pitch this very night in the win-or-go-home wild card game against the Washington Nationals.

You walk your dog on a non-retractable leash and she grows interested in squirrel up ahead. She lunges for it, pulling your arm awkwardly, leaving it sore for the whole day. Later, at the grocery store, you take one bag, leaving three for your spouse. Your spouse, unhappy, asks you to take another. When you say you can’t, your spouse says, “This is symbolic of everything that’s wrong with our relationship. I want a divorce.”

You go looking for your dog’s leash but cannot find it. Growing impatient, you decide, screw it. You will walk your dog without it. He’s a good boy, isn’t he? Turns out: no. Your dog is not a good boy. He runs away immediately and begins rounding up other dogs. Years from now, when you are living in the last human settlement, a message will be intercepted from your dog (now known as the Great Dog Ruler) to his foot soldiers in which you are praised as the true hero behind the Dog Revolution. Your fellow humans will turn on you and you will have nowhere to run.

See? It’s very necessary! So get yourself a couple Lucky Leashes today, and avoid a terrifying tomorrow!

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